Why become a FomoMember?

If you want to add events to your MyFomo list and FomoCalendar and let your friends know what’s going on becoming a FomoMember is for you.

You can also add birthdays and stuff to your FomoCalendar personal planner and create groups of friends to message for different types of events.

If you want to post events for the world to see you need to join as a FomoOrganiser

All fields are required, only your user name is public when you share an event.

Accept Terms & Conditions

Keep up to date with events and save events
Invite friends to events and Fomo365
Save customised searches
Create friend groups to message
Personal Planner

Want to join as a FomoOrganiser and post events for your business or organisation? click here!

Want to post events for your business or organisation click here to join as a Fomo Member