WTF - About Fomo365

What the fomo?

Fomo365 lists all the happenings near you!

All types of everything... events, fitness, sport or cultural activities, school holiday activities, live music, DJ’s, bands, art exhibitions, festivals and more. If you need to know what’s going on fomo365 can tell you or if you need help to promote an event or happening of any type Fomo365 can help you let the world know.
Search for whats happening close to you today or in your next destination when you arrive.

Why the fomo?

Fomo365 is free to join and free to list so it’s perfect for everyone. If you want to know what’s happening near you or any type business, organisation or individual who want’s to list an event.

Join as a FomoMember if you want to know what’s going on or a FomoOrganiser to promote anything from your cake stall, fitness classes, school fete or origami workshop.

Live the fomo?

FomoMembers you can let friends know about a slam poetry reading your going to, save events to a calendar so you don’t miss that free yoga class and more. This is about being social, creating social events and bringing people together.

FomoOrganiser’s you can easily list an event with times, cost and location so it’s a breeze for everyone to find, add to their calendar & share with their friends.